Moving checklist

Planning / errands approx. 12 – 6 weeks before the move

Set the date of the move

Request vacation

Create moving cost plan

Sort household goods

Determine what items will be moved with you, what you may want to sell (Ebay, flea markets, etc.) and what will be disposed of.

Request bulky waste collection date from your city / municipality

Alternatively or in addition to this, you can use our de-cluttering service.

Accomplishments approx. 8 – 4 weeks before the move

Organize helpers / hire professionals

Determine the expense of the move and determine the number of movers. Give the helpers plenty of notice and/or make it easy on yourself and use our full moving service at a fair fixed price.

Organize suitable moving vehicles

Do you have enough suitable vehicles available for moving transportation? Do you also have the suitable and insured drivers for this?
Take advantage of our full moving service! With our fleet and our trained drivers you are on the safe side.

Arrange handover date

Arrange a date with the new owner / previous landlord for the handover of the previously occupied property.

Determine handover condition and plan realization

Determine the condition in which you have to hand over your previous premises. Plan all the work that is necessary for this (cosmetic repairs, etc.) and organize helpers for this if necessary. Or take advantage of our convenient full-service relocation at a fair fixed price.

Organize key of the previous property

Determine which keys you need for the handover and organize them. Perhaps relatives or acquaintances still have a spare key from your rooms?

Organize keys for the new home

Possibly you can organize the keys several days before moving in? Thus, you have more time to measure and prepare for your move-in.

Get an overview of the new premises

Determine the room layout of your new home and where to place which furnishings. To ensure transportation, also measure the furniture and access (doors, stairways, etc.) to the new rooms.

Issue a forwarding order to the post office

Swiss Post’s redirection service ensures that your mail is still delivered to your new address up to 12 months after you placed your order, even though it may still be addressed to your old address. Here you can book the service at the post office online >

Change of address / change of registration

Inform all agencies that carry you with a mailing address. For example:


Bank / Financial service provider

Health insurance


Energy supplier (electricity, gas, ...)

Telephone / Internet / TV reception service provider

Clubs & Gym

Subscriptions (newspapers/magazines, food, etc.)

possibly re-register children (day care center, school, clubs, ...)

Errands approx. 2 weeks before the move

Request no stopping signs

To ensure that you have the necessary parking space available on the day of your move, you can apply for movable no-stopping signs from your local traffic authority. For the city of Nuremberg you can apply for signs under the following link: learn more >
Or you can use our full moving service and we will do it for you.

Using up frozen and refrigerated foods

Moving material

To ensure that your belongings are moved as gently as possible, thorough packing is essential. Therefore, determine the necessary materials (moving boxes, moving blankets, protective film, adhesive tapes, label stickers, etc.) and procure them.
With our full moving service, we’ll take care of it for you.

Start with packing the moving boxes

Start packing your household goods that you probably won’t need in the days leading up to the move. Often these are items stored in basements, attics, or storage closets.

Errands about 1 week before the move

Put up no stopping signs

Post any no stopping signs that may have been requested. In the city of Nuremberg, it is four days before the day of the move.
With our full relocation service, we’ll take care of that for you, too.

Inform neighbors

Inform current and new neighbors of your moving date. This way, they can adjust to it.

Prepare the new home

For example, have you already made sure that you have adequate lighting in the new premises?
Has thought been given to using the sanitary facilities in the new home (toilet paper, soap, towels)?
Show that you live here with your name tags on the doorbell and mailbox.

Errands just before the move


Have you thought about all the premises (basement rooms, attic, gazebo, etc.) and prepared them for the move?
Are all items secured in suitable packaging?
With our full moving service, you save yourself the hassle. We professionally pack your household goods for safe transportation.

Organize supply for the movers

A supply of drinks and small snacks for the removal helpers ensures a good atmosphere during the removal.

Record meter readings in the new rooms

Note the meter readings of e.g. electricity, gas, water and at the radiators. Think here also about any water meters in the garden.

Protect floor coverings

For example, lay out mats or cardboard boxes to protect the floors.
With our full moving service, we’ll take care of it for you.

Errands after the move

Residents' Registration Office

Register your move within one week at the registration office responsible for your place of residence. Click here to go to the Nuremberg Residents’ Registration Office >

Remove name tags

Remove your name tags from the doorbells and mailbox if not done by the owner.

Cosmetic repairs and cleaning

Complete/organize all work necessary for the agreed condition to hand over the previous premises.
Or use our full moving service, then we will do everything for you.

Handover logging and recording meter readings

Record all handover details, such as the number of keys handed over, meter readings and the condition of the property, as well as its furnishings.


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